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Become a commander in search of fame and glory!

Fight in chaotic battle arenas

Earn Rewards and Ranks

Free to play  Artillery MOBA

$MVRK Token Airdrop Campaign

Earn Adventure-Points and Referral-Points to secure your place at the top of the leaderboards.

Select a Commander, get your Spaceship and join the Battle to fight for your dreams!

Space Mavericks is a real-time multiplayer game that recreates the classic artillery style of aiming and shooting by adjusting the angle and power. It mixes artillery games like Worms and Angry Birds with MOBAs like League of Legends or Dota

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  • Receive News transmissions directly from The Federation

Star Light

Meet your commanders

Choose your path to glory



Spare no bullets

Goliath is exceptional in inspiring fear as he uses his strong defense and Constitution to cause close-range explosions. Although he can’t deal with Heat management very well, Goliath can deliver decent damage and uses its antimatter bomb to affect his enemies position. Goliath is not a Maverick but a powerful Commander with an Empire behind him. They’ve developed one of the most powerful bombs known on this side of the Universe. When in danger, he might use it to obliterate everything in a huge area.

Choose from several commanders  with unique special abilities  and create your strategy to defeat all enemies that dare to get in your way.

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Laverge your abillities

Become the most feared Maverick!


Tailored for community

Supported and accelerated by:


Stage 1



Cross-platform MVP




4 Commanders


20+ Unique shoots


NFT Freemint

Stage 2

In progress


Token Airdrop Campaign Phase 1


Litepaper V2


Alpha Launch


Token IDO & Listing


Alpha NFT Sale

Stage 3



Crafting System


Beta Launch


Battle Pass


PvE Mode


Ranked Mode


Advaned Party & Comms

Stage 4





New Commanders


New Spaceships


New Weapons


New Bosses

Meet the Team

Building a player first experience

FireGecko is a studio formed by gamers for gamers. With over 7 years of experience in game design and outsourcing creative solutions, we are responsible for bringing Space Mavericks to life, a passion project to revive classic precision artillery mechanics with modern technologies and a renewed gameplay.

Recognized by Google as a high-potential indie game studio class of 2021, an exclusive program to support and accelerate indie projects to new levels.


Do you have any question?


What is Space Mavericks in a nutshell?

“Worms on steroids!” Or… “Angry Birds with guns!”

What is the difference between Space Mavericks and other traditional artillery games?

  • Unlike most artillery games, the game is played in real-time.
  • The game is set in space, and shots are affected by planets’ gravity forces.
  • Projectiles can damage and explode planets and stars.
  • There is a big variety of commanders that have different kinds of attributes, shots, and special abilities.
  • Diverse game modes and tournaments with rank systems for the competitive scenario.
  • Rich stories and giant bosses.
  • Fast, fun, and competitive game play!

Are there entry barriers like the requirement of some investment or purchase of some NFTs?

Space Mavericks does not require high-end hardware nor any investment to start. Actually, players can play for free until they love the game and want to enjoy all the additional features and challenges the game can offer.

How are the 8,000,000 MVRK for Adventure Mode distributed?

Our communities are mainly on Discord and Twitter. Twitter Discord

What do new players beginning their journey with Space Mavericks need?

A modern iOS/Android phone or a regular PC/Laptop with a stable internet connection is enough to play Space Mavericks.

What is the $MVRK token?

The $MVRK token is a utility token for the game title Space Mavericks. Two of the main areas of utility are:

  • Staking
  • Crafting/Upgrading

Staking $MVRK token plays a central part in Space Mavericks. Based on the amount and time you stake your $MVRK, you unlock various benefits that you don’t want to miss:

  • You get a boost in points that determine your allocation of seasonal prize pools.
  • You get frequent Mystery Box airdrops with Crafting components and Spaceship NFTs.
  • You unlock the Premium PVE content.
  • You get additional Fuel Capacity for your Spaceships NFTs in PVE mode.
  • You get a discount for Federation Funds (FF can be used for consumables such as Fuel Cells, Tournament Tickets, XP Boosts & more within the game client).

Where can I buy your tokens now? What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them?

The $MVRK token didn’t launch yet! Make sure to follow official Space Mavericks channels for the launch of the $MVRK token.

Do I need to buy NFT spaceships to start playing the game?

No, Players can start playing without buying anything. Buying NFT spaceships or staking $MVRK tokens opens up the opportunity for players to have more benefits.

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